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Empowering Coaches Nurturing Personal Excellence

I am honoured to have recently been featured in an article for The Wall Street Times about empowering coaches, which included to of my heroes and inspirations- Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins.

"A powerful coach can help you go forward more quickly by pointing out obstacles, providing solutions, and leading you to avoid them. They provide crucial external support and encouragement, promoting responsibility and strength in the face of challenges. Expert coaches can help clients see their own potential and provide a road map to long-term success.

This article explores the journeys and methodologies of 15 empowering coaches who help their clients get access to their full potential through guidance, inspiration, and encouragement. These coaches provide tailored strategies for long-term development, accountability, and adaptability. "

You can read the blurb about me and some of what I do here:

"Giada Del Drago is a versatile professional known for her significant impact on wellness and innovation in roles such as producer, curator, consultant, and coach. Giada has received training from Canada’s National Ballet School, The Prana Yoga College and The Visionary Leadership Corporation. She also holds a BAHons in Fine Art: Film & Video from St. Martins College/University of the Arts in London, which showcases her diverse interests and skill set. She has worked in research and events at MTV and free-lance as a personal assistant for film/TV producers.  She founded Little Wonder Productions and Kitsch Palace Records to independently nurture collaboration and creative innovation.

She had a leading role on Germany’s longest-running TV drama for over a decade and also wrote diaries for NYC-based NIGHT Magazine. Giada’s exploration of holistic well-being involved studying yoga, meditation, mindfulness and energy work; ultimately leading her to become a yoga teacher and life coach. She is involved in various projects, including YouTube channels, BBC radio shows, and transformative retreats around the world with Sage & Strong Experiences."

You can read the full article on The Wall Street Times here:


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