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Expanding : Sage & Strong

I have recently returned from a mind-blowing adventure in Peru, which perfectly encapsulated by passions for wellbeing and creativity and allowed me to live my own version of "The Celestine Prophecy" 2.0 I attended an off-grid retreat in The Sacred Valley with The Mana Movement led by Singer/Songwriter/Superwoman Chrissie FireMane and her Peruvian family. The retreat involved a Digital Detox (no wifi, no phone) and several days in silence as well as learning with Indigenous Andean healers through traditional ceremony and initiations.

My trip was also a quest to learn more about and meet the makers of Kaukawa Cermonial Cacao. I consulted with the Q'ero Paqos (teachers/priests) in a coco leaf reading to find out amongst other things if the Spirit of Cacao would allow me to work with her in this ceremonial capacity (thankfully the coco leaves answered "Yes!"). I was then taken through a Cacaoista initiation process by Fiorella which partly involved visualising myself being guided through a visulisation to sit with the Cacao tree spirit and communicating how she was/what she said to me. Also combined with learning preparation methods, recipes, integrity and ceremonial procedures

Through Kind Spirit Media, we began brainstorming a potent documentary project and started filming together with Fiorella Richter (Kaukawa Founder/Associate Producer) and Photographer/Filmmaker Belami Cardenas. This project is all about Cacao-from the history, cultivation, creation, education and initiation to the ceremonial aspects in Latin America and it's growing popularity worldwide.

They will keep filming/editing out there and sending footage over to me. My intention as a Producer is to manifest a Commissioner or Executive Producer who feels aligned with this and can elevate the production to ensure the documentary will reach the hearts of a Global audience. I am very inspired to make a film about a medicine which strengthens and heals the heart that is also accessible and delicious. I am motivated by working with talented and conscious co-creators who are also extremely passionate about what they do and preserving/promoting their country and culture.

It was unusual time to go to Peru due to the civil unrest which had erupted in response to the elections, The roads and train lines were all closed with barricades as well as Cusco airport for a few days due to protests and Machu Picchu was closed for the entire time! This ties into the "Pachakuti Prophecy" that traditional Incan Andean teachings will be brought out of mystery and into Western Civilisations when the time is right "at a time when the high mountain ice melts, lakes dry up and things will be turned upside down" that time is now and these teachings about energy, healing, plants and mysticism will "ultimately lead to harmony being restored for individuals, cultures and the plant."

With this prophecy in mind and being there at a time of chaos yet able to stay away from the chaotic narrative and instead dive very deep into presence, being with nature (Pachamama) and the indigenous cultural/spiritual teachings and traditions it really did feel on many occassions as though I was living my own version of "The Celestine Prophecy" 2.0

I felt extremely honoured and grateful to safely navigate my way around the Andes (albeit it mostly at night when the road blocks would open) and to spend time with a "Soul Tribe" of beautiful kindred spirits.

Upon returning to the U.K I embraced a role of a Wellness Curator at Soho Beach House in #Brighton with Sage & Strong.

I lead a Cacao Ceremony with heart-centred networking with and singer/song-writer/sound therapist Tallulah Rendall offered Qi Gong and Sound Healing (hot off her "I am Enough" tour). Her new single "Be a Little Kinder" is available on February 14th on all streaming platforms.

We have also recently hosted a pre-Valentine :"Self-Love/Self-Care" wellness day co-created with with sound therapist/yin yoga teacher Shivani Maria and Shakti Flow/Chanting led by singer/song-writer Lydia Song (whose new album "Spiral In" is out now.

At the end of 2022 I started experimenting with hand-building ceramics in the art studio of Isobel Roope. After several experiments, I came up with the perfect heart-shaped cups to use for Cacao Ceremony and it is a delight to now be including them in the Sage & Strong Experiences.

Hope to meet you at one of our experiences, events or retreats this year!

Also in the news- we have just been recommended by Muddy Stilettos and listed in their "Little Black Book". Click on the logo below to read their full review.

Please take a look at our website for upcoming experiences and get in touch for co-creations.


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