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The Culture Kitchen

Some exciting news on the media front... I have started making a new monthly podcast show with presenter and producer Kairen Kemp called "The Culture Kitchen". Each episode features local/Sussex and visiting creative talent. You can listen to episode 1 featuring filmmaker Jeremy Wooding and Author Mark Barrowcliffe here: I have also just been interviewed by Kairen for her monthly show on Radio Reverb discussing life, creativity and favourite songs. I had such a blast tripping down memory lane and revisiting some career highlights with her. You can have a listen to it here:

Namaste from British Columbia

I have just landed back in Europe after a blissful few weeks holiday, visiting family and catching up with (only a few childhood friends this time) in Beautiful British Columbia, where I grew up. There is nowhere else in the world where I feel so at home, so at peace and so connected to/in awe of the land. The ever changing landscapes and beauty witnessed on our road trip from Vancouver to the interior "wine country" of Kelowna where we visited Mission Hill Family Estate and Tantalus Wineries and stayed in adorable cabins along the way, before eventually getting onto a ferry boat and heading up to the sleepy fishing villages of the Sunshine Coast; spending the last night up there glamping in

KULA Tribe

According to Yogepedia "Kula" is the Sanskrit word for "Community" "Clan" or "Tribe". In my work as a coach, I find most people expressing a deep longing to connect to their authenticity, to a sense of life purpose and to find their tribe. Perhaps one of the best things about the internet and social media is the way in which it can quickly connect us with kindred spirits and a global tribe but of course nothing beats real life community and that is where some great adventures begin, in going out in the world to create or find both a sense of individuality and a sense of belonging. Kula also happens to be the name of a Magazine that I write for, which is published by one of my favourite place

A little bit of drama.

Many of you already know that I was a German Soap Star for 13 years, but a lot of you reading may not know this random fact about me. At the age of 18, I was cast in Germany's longest running and top rated "Weekly TV Drama" and had to learn to speak German for my role as party girl "Patricia" who had come to Germany in search of her biological Father -and once she found him, decided to stick around and cause trouble in the neighbourhood. It was a very fun role to play and one of the most surreal and amazing experience of my life, to be in at the deep end of "sink or swim" and to then become "Big in Germany" almost overnight. I did not really get to play the fame game though, as I was also do

High Vibration Living

Happiness is contagious. Most of us know this to be true, but how many of us are actually aware of whether we are feeling happy on any giving day? What is high vibration living? I personally learnt much about this way of life after visiting several eco villages and conscious communities around the world for extended periods. From The Veggie-patch meditators at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland to the Vision Questers at Pachamama in Costa Rica. From the yoga-laden beaches of Goa to the ecstatic dance water-fasting tribes in the jungles of Bali, I have crossed paths with, learnt from and high fived many a high viber. The one thing I observed worldwide, is how contagious happiness and conscio

Healing Through Visualisation

After a decade of personal study and training in the realms of wellbeing, healing, personal development, empowerment and natural medicine; I one day found myself in a crisis situation and had to become my own experiment. In the moments after regaining consciousness, I felt a warm light surrounding me as though thousands of angels were carrying me back into my body. I connected to that light and instinctively started to move it with awareness to the parts of my body that were in acute pain. Several exciting studies have been conducted and published, showing that guided imagery could indeed produce changes in immune activity on the cellular level. According to psychotherapist and author Beller

Being my own boss & being your freelancer

With summer drawing to a close now (and what a mighty fine summer it has been) everyone has got the "back to school" vibe. Now that my daughter is settling happily into a nursery, I can forsee a lot more time for me, for you and for free-lance projects. "Free-lance" being the very key word here in my professional life, followed by "part-time work". When I am not doing those things, I am a coach, a yogi and a writer (juggling the demands of motherhood and the many skills required for that job.) After over a decade of working in film, media, arts and events (whilst simultaneously flying back and forth from Germany to act on a tv show "part-time"); I moved into the wellbeing sector by training

I'm here for the YIN!

I have just landed back in the U.K after completing a wonderful two-part YIN Yoga teacher training in Switzerland with Nico Luce. This means I am now a 260 hours Registered teacher with yoga alliance (ie: more advanced and with new skills in my tool kit). I first qualified as a teacher with 200 hours of training as a Hatha (classic) yoga teacher originally in 2008, graduating from the Prana Yoga College in Vancouver, B.C. Completing the training was life-changing. I had been a workaholic for over a decade, juggling a part-time TV Acting role in Germany with a degree at St. Martins College and then behind-the-scenes roles in tv and film production in the U.K. such as being a personal assistan