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Namaste from British Columbia

I have just landed back in Europe after a blissful few weeks holiday, visiting family and catching up with (only a few childhood friends this time) in Beautiful British Columbia, where I grew up.

There is nowhere else in the world where I feel so at home, so at peace and so connected to/in awe of the land.

The ever changing landscapes and beauty witnessed on our road trip from Vancouver to the interior "wine country" of Kelowna where we visited Mission Hill Family Estate and Tantalus Wineries and stayed in adorable cabins along the way, before eventually getting onto a ferry boat and heading up to the sleepy fishing villages of the Sunshine Coast; spending the last night up there glamping in a treehouse.

I haven't done a road trip adventure since my travels from Argentina to Bolivia with two of my best girlfriends, 10 years ago and I must say that ten years later a road trip is still a great way to take in the scenery, cover a lot of terrain and feel spontaneous/living in the moment

Soundtrack is really important when roadtripping and of course a bit of dispute on that subject arises between passengers and drivers. My husband only really likes classical music so there was a lot of symphony and opera which was very dramatic. I love listening to the local radio stations, which meant a lot of Neil Young and Alanis Morisette and 90's hits (perfect for a nostalgia trip through the country where I grew up).

We visited rainforests and swam in everything possible from emerald lakes to the refreshing Pacific Ocean. I never cease to be blown away by the rugged beauty of Canada, and I always leave wishing I could stay longer.

I'm dreaming of creating a Sage & Strong Wilderness retreat in Canada next year.

If you are reading this and the idea of an empowering wellness week in British Columbia next summer piques your interest, please get in touch to let me know and if I have several people interested in the concept, I will make it happen.

Here is a little impromptu video we made one day by the side of a lake, about a technique I often use in beautiful places to "anchor" the moment into my physical and spiritual memory bank. ENJOY!

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