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TLC wins Anthem Award

TLC: The Light Conversations wins Award for Best Health Podcast at The Anthem Awards "Celebrating purpose and mission driven work."

I made this podcast (TLC : The Light Conversations) to keep myself sane during the surreal initial months of lockdown. I felt it might help other people to listen in on these intimate conversations we were having too.

I love making podcasts with no censorship or restrictions on what can be said and done. I also allowed myself to show up more with this series, whereas on my previous radio shows and podcast I had been a more traditional type of presenter, writing a script, following the script and asking leading questions but letting the guest do most of the talking. I wanted to make a show with heart-centred conversations that could flow in any direction and it seems to have resonated as we won an award for sparking social change. It’s really wonderful for myself and all the participants to be recognised and celebrated in this way.

“Lockdown” series 1 of TLC was recorded via zoom in the laundry room during the first months of the UK Pandemic and my daughter Aurelia sings the theme tune.

I was reaching out to potential guests from my “Little Light Book” of holistic contacts discovered around the world. I felt so comforted and really looked forward to having these conversations, re-connecting with people who had helped me on the personal development and empowerment journey.

I would stay up late at night to edit each episode and get it online at a frantic pace feeling the zeitgeist "I need this/people need this".

For series 2 “Emerge & Evolve” I teamed up with sound producer James Ede and started to do the the truth-talking interviews more in real life, focusing on mental health. I wanted to know how people were re-integrating into a new normal, how things had changed for them and what everyone was excited about growing in their lives. I found a lot of people had learnt new skills/studied, started new hobbies, businesses or were working on exciting projects.

Series 3 “Purpose” will be a mix of real life and digital interviews with wellbeing and creativity experts worldwide sharing their personal journeys with the ups and downs of their life and career-paths as well as sharing their tools and tips for finding purpose in life.


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