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Kind Spirit Media presents "Cacaoistas" a short film about ceremonial cacao, made in Peru.

I produced this film because I wanted to learn more about "Mama Cacao".

I had observed the growing trend to serve up cacao often to mark a beginning or a closing of ceremonies in wellbeing communities, from conscious festivals to yoga studios. I travelled to Peru on a mission to make a film as a way to learn more, in search of inspiration, education and healing. Upon arrival though, I found everything at a standstill with all roads and airports shut- even machu picchu and a ban suddenly placed on travel due to protests and outbreaks of extreme civil unrest. My friend and a great spiritual guide Chrissie Firemane advised me to "Visualise all roads opening up for me with safety" and they did! I was somehow able to move around despite the circumstances and I met so many incredible people from Q'Ero Paqos and Shipibo Shamans to sound healers, yogis and soul-seekers. I met filmmaker Belami Cardenas who shot and edited this short film produced by and featuring myself together with Fiorella Richter the founder/creator of Kaukawa Ceremonial Cacao. Fiore became my guide into the world of this particular soul medicine and taught me everything she knows about this sacred seed. She also initiated me to connect deeply with the spirit of cacao and to prepare/serve cacao based on ancient principles and practises with the intention to support myself and others to connect with the heart.

Ceremonial grade cacao differs from what most people know as"chocolate" as it tastes strong, sour and very potent like an espresso but it can be mixed with ingredients such as chilli, ginger, honey to soften the taste. Most importantly, it harnesses the pure essence of ancient, organic cacao beans and is intended primarily for healing. 

This short film is attracting the attention of film festivals which is great news and I hope it reaches more people so that we may hold ceremonies wherever it goes, as a new way to connect in a heart-centered way and generate authentic future collaborators and collaborations.

We have a fully developed pitch prepared for a feature length documentary based on this short "The Spirit of Cacao" , amongst other exciting projects in development with Kind Spirit Media.


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