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High Vibration Living

Happiness is contagious.

Most of us know this to be true, but how many of us are actually aware of whether we are feeling happy on any giving day?

What is high vibration living? I personally learnt much about this way of life after visiting several eco villages and conscious communities around the world for extended periods.

From The Veggie-patch meditators at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland to the Vision Questers at Pachamama in Costa Rica. From the yoga-laden beaches of Goa to the ecstatic dance water-fasting tribes in the jungles of Bali, I have crossed paths with, learnt from and high fived many a high viber. The one thing I observed worldwide, is how contagious happiness and conscious healthy living can be.

So what is the secret to happiness?

This topic seems a worthy discussion considering the extreme mix of national pride, anxiety and uncertainty in the U.K over the past year. New research is being devoted entirely to the fields of mind-body wellbeing and experiments conducted on the relationship between the immune system and stress levels.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have uncovered that “that nature may play a larger role than nurture in determining our “hedonic setpoint,” or happiness thermostat.”

According to “Happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis.”

And how to achieve that exactly?

In my opinion that is an obtainable state of existence through authentic fulfilment, a lot of deep belly laughter and mindful lifestyle design. In doing this, we become the master of our reality, no matter what the circumstances around us are. We can all chose how we respond to circumstances, how we see ourselves and the world around us on a daily basis.

High Vibration living takes happiness to the next level, in that all of our thoughts, words and actions come from a place of love and light and positivity. The root energy we move and interact with is one of joy, of ease and of trust. Ideally we accept the “shadow” the parts of us that are not love and light but we don’t let that aspect of human nature control our actions and reactions.

How easy it is to dissolve negativity with a casual shrug of thinking “your problem not mine”?

What if we pay more attention to that which we ingest- from food to news to advertising and energy. What if we try tuning into empathy more frequently by knowing that underneath any negativity there is suffering and what if through that knowing we are one by one able to send an energy of love and acceptance before moving on with our day/month life?

If someone asks you to do something for them, you could try saying “Yes…AND…” contributing to the proposal rather than shutting down out of boredom, fear, disinterest or mistrust.

If someone tells you a long-winded story of their problems, you could try asking if there is any other way for them to look at the same story from another perspective?

Not all people welcome high vibes and it can find it annoying or uncomfortable especially for anyone more familiar with negative thinking.

It is a conscious mind shift and a choice in how you want your day to flow.

How would it feel to live on a high vibration? How would it be to experiment with radiating a new frequency out and into everything you do?

Why not make today a high vibration day

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