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Being my own boss & being your freelancer

With summer drawing to a close now (and what a mighty fine summer it has been) everyone has got the "back to school" vibe. Now that my daughter is settling happily into a nursery, I can forsee a lot more time for me, for you and for free-lance projects.

"Free-lance" being the very key word here in my professional life, followed by "part-time work".

When I am not doing those things, I am a coach, a yogi and a writer (juggling the demands of motherhood and the many skills required for that job.)

After over a decade of working in film, media, arts and events (whilst simultaneously flying back and forth from Germany to act on a tv show "part-time"); I moved into the wellbeing sector by training and qualifying as a yoga/meditation teacher and life coach. These trainings/qualifications were followed by a decade of further study in the realms of energy work, alternative healing and personal empowerment; in order to develop my unique tool-kit to best do what I do for me and for you.

Now with a back to school mentality, I intend to set aside a few hours each day to WRITE, with a view to publishing my first book. This is something I have quietly and snailishly been working on since my daughter was born and I'd really love to secure a publishing deal.

This intention also involves attending a weekly creative writing course I have just signed up for (being led by a cool publisher/editor). Six years ago in London, I took part in Creative Writing courses with Nichola Charalambou (Founder of Creative Writes) and it helped to unblock and inspire, as I crafted a rushed screenplay for my Writing/Directing Guerilla Feature Film debut.

I am also doing a course in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for my own personal development and as ongoing skillset training to support the empowerment work I do.

I am setting aside a 1 hour session/day for coaching/consultancy/empowerhour sessions via skype and whatsapp.

My daily sessions are nearly fully booked with existing/ongoing clients worldwide though there are still some windows of availability. If you feel you could benefit from working with me in a supportive or advisory capacity to take your career and lifestyle design to the next level; then book in or drop me an email enquiry.

Ideally, I will be offering more Sage & Strong wellbeing and creativity retreats in 2019 (Bali, British Columbia, California, France.) Much of my "free-time" is filled with researching locations and putting together the pieces of the puzzles in order to introduce dream teams offering truly empowering experiences.

This was a logical progression, in response to my own transformative holistic retreat adventures over the years and to people constantly writing to ask me for advice on where to go on retreat.

Due to the road accident I had a few years ago, my personal physical yoga practise went completely out of the window. This was followed by a tough year of physical and mental recovery, finding myself as a beginner again hiding at the back of the classroom; rather than being the expert teaching at the front of the room.

I really missed the advanced Ashtanga yoga I had learnt from Danny Paradise, which had been my daily personal practise and I found it very hard feeling completely out of balance and having to start again from scratch.

I still had the knowledge and experience of a teacher but my body was not doing what I expected it to do so I was forced to slow down. I focused more on meditation and the power of visualisation in healing and recovery.

I eventually returned to yoga after meeting Dr. Beatrice Giampaoli and Dr. Fabio Gori who both helped bring me back into alignment and to the healing powers of slow mindful yoga.

I eventually focused again on my work as a coach (which I was able to do flexibly from any location) and on editing/publishing the stories people were sending me about their own traumas and healing, in Lightening Magazine. I have since written a few articles about this experience and my own healing processes.

Challenging as it has been these past few years, it felt right to prioritise healing and motherhood as am fully aware of the preciousness in each moment and constantly reminded by people of how it all flies by; never to be repeated.

I do sometimes miss my glory days of jetting about to attend international art and film festivals, but I do not miss that neurotic, insomniac, workaholic version of myself.

My life feels much more balanced these days, with a prevailing sense of exhausted calm and happiness.

I am however now feeling called to put myself (and my CV) out there for free-lance or short term jobs in creative development and promotions. If you are reading this and you have a project that might require my input, experience and expertise for an extended period beyond the empowerhours I offer via skype and whatsapp; please feel free to get in touch and make an offer.

I have a very long and varied professional CV and an even longer and more varied holistic CV.

I'll post them both up here and see what comes of it. Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you.

Giada del Drago

Wellbeing & Creativity Expert : BBC Sussex January 2018-Present -“Good News” Researcher/Presenter

-Regular guest on Allison Ferns chat show

Founder/Editor : Lightening Magazine (Wellbeing & Healing) 2016 – 2018 -Editor/Writer

Consultant, Coach, Yoga Teacher : YoGiada 2009 – Present

-Personal and Corporate Consultant: Multi-Platform Development -Life Coach: Empowerment, Wellbeing and Mindfulness -Yoga & Meditation Teacher : Classes & Well-being/Empowerment Retreats

Creative Director : Little Wonder Productions 2000 – Present Film/Video/Digital Media : Development, Production & Promotion

Documentaries, Music Videos, Short Films, Feature Films, Events.

Creative development. Writing/Producing/Directing/Videography/Editing.

Writer : Night Magazine, New York 2000 – Present

Short stories, poetry, diaries and interviews,

Public Relations : Bali Spirit Festival February 2014 – April 2014

Moderating press conferences. Conducting interviews. Producing online radio and video content. Researching performers and presenters. Writing newsletters, press releases, articles and blogging

Producer/Presenter : K2K Radio 2012 – 2013 London

Producer & Host of weekly radio show "Motivational Mondays”

VIP Logistics Team : London 2012 Olympic Games

Greeting and co-ordinating transportation logistics for Judges and VIP’s throughout the Olympic Games.

CBD/DBS Checked

Creative Director : Kitsch Palace Records 2003-2012

Writing, Singing, Recording, Performing, Touring, Remixing, Directing Videos.

Scouting, managing and promoting talent.

Actress : Geißendörfer Film und Fernsehproduktion/Lindenstrasse 1996 – 2009

Drama/TV Series

Creative & Director : Real Creatives Worldwide 2005 – 2006

Conceiving multi-platform advertising & promotional campaigns. Directing Music Videos, Documentaries and Viral Videos.

Personal Assistant to Producer/Director : Stretch Limo Productions 2001 – 2003

Assisting Writer/Director/Producer Jeremy Wooding (Peep Show, Derren Brown Mind Control & Bollywood Queen) on Development & Production in Film & Television

Researcher & Talent Minder : MTV Networks 1999 – 2000

Researching Archive & Content for The MTV Europe VMA's.

Researching and Fixing Interviews & Shoots for Extreme Sports Programme Snowball.

Talent Minder for MTV events and on filming locations

Researcher and Production Assistant : Swing Productions 1999 – 1999

Cool-hunting. Trend-spotting. Assisting: Producers, Directors, Camera & Sound

Personal Assistant : Joshua Oppenheimer 1998-1998

Assisting Oscar-Nominated Writer/Director Joshua Oppenheimer in research, development and film production.

Languages : English, French, Italian, German, Spanish

Education :

The Visionary Leadership Corporation Life Coaching Diploma 2010-2011 Prana Yoga College RYT 200 Hours 2008 Central St. Martins College/University of The Arts BA Fine Art: Film & Video 1999

Brentwood College School 1990-1995

Canada's National Ballet School 1987-1990



The Brighton Therapy Centre 2018

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

The Shift Network 2016

Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing with Sandra Ingerman

NLP Practitioner Training 2015

"Live With Power" with Anita Kozlowski

The Yoga Barn 2013

Community Class Yoga Teacher

"Intuition 101 : Psychic School" with Jana Johnson Healing Works and Tamara Brown

Oneness with Punnu Wasu 2013

Course Facilitator and Certified "Deeksha" Oneness Blessing Giver

Pacha Mama Prana Clinic 2013

Raw Foods, Superfoods, Medicinal Plants, Nutrition and Cleansing with Amari and Tanmaya

"Transforming Shadows" and "What about You?" workshops with Jamie Catto 2013

EFT Energy Balancing with Sally Topham 2013

Emotional Freedom Technique

Spiritual Solutions with Deepak Chopra 2012

The Path of Love with Rafia and Turiya 2012

Theta Miracles with Lorena Grenata 2012 Certified Basic DNA Theta Healing Practitioner

Transformation Vacations at Desa Seni 2012 Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Detox and Fasting with Dawn Delgado, Beau Robb and Manuela Herreros

Tibetan Buddhism with Trulshik Rinpoche, Lama La and Sylvia Engle in Kathmandu, Nepal 2011

The Findhorn Foundation/Cluny Hill College 2011 Sacred Dance Teacher Certificate with Peter Vallance and Judith Bone

The Visionary Leadership Corporation 2010-2011 Whole-Person Life Coaching Diploma with Merry Graham and Maggie Holleran

The Light Centre, Belgravia

Life Coach and Yoga Teacher 2010-2011

Institute of Transactional Analysis TA 101 Diploma with Peter Flowerdew 2010

Seed Experience Workshops with Lynne Franks 2010

CTI- The Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals 2010

The Coaching Academy Personal Coaching Certificate 2009

Prana Yoga College Canada Hatha Yoga Teacher Certificate 200 Hour RYT with Shakti Mhi and Daniel Mirecki 2008 Shambhala Healing Centre Glastonbury Magnified and Crystal Healing, Levels 1 and 2 Certificates 2003 Reiki Healing, Levels 1 and 2 Certificates 2002 I have been blessed with learning from inspiring experts in Coaching, Alternative Healing and Yoga such as: Danny Paradise, Deepak Chopra, Lynne Franks, Joanne Heath, Michelle Jacobs, Edward Clark, Kim Eng, Merry Graham, Maggie Holleran, Jeremy Lazarus, David Sye, Abdi Assadi, Viryam Robertson, Shakti Mhi, Daniel Mirecki, Terry McBride, Jamie Catto, Tina James, Jules Febre, Chris Chavez, Jesse Enright, Lynn Arnold, Elisis, Lori Main, Sue Powell, Susannah Southgate, Peter Flowerdew, Andrew Logan, Mark Paul, Sylvia Engel, Lama La, Peter Vallance, Judith Bone, Dawn Delgado, Beau Robb, Lorena Granata, Robert Silber, Wilhelm De Jaeger, Jana Johnson, Punnu Wasu, Pepe Danza, Kailash Kokopelli, Shervin Boloorian, Larissa Israel, Jelila, Rafia and Turiya,The Shambhala Community, The YYoga Community, The Findhorn Community, The Bali Sound Healers Collective, The Worldwide Community of Healing and The Visionary Leadership Corporation.

Thank you to all of my teachers!

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